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Adrenal Stress

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This week at CNM I have had my last but one exam. Some of the topics we have been covering this semester have been really interesting and none more so to me than adrenal fatigue. As a doctor, we often…

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Calming Your Mind and Stop the Ruminations

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In our busy lives we can get the feeling that our heads are too full. We just cannot switch off and relax. Thoughts can play over and over in our mind and it can feel exhausting. These thoughts can keep…

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Meeting in The Middle

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In health as well as life, balancing the whole is one of the most important things. When the balance in our bodies or lives is disrupted that is when we start to experience discomfort.  This can lead to problems resulting…

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Making a Change

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Change is the one constant thing in the universe. Any change, good or bad, can evoke a stress response. We might feel this as nerves and worry or excitement or a combination of both. That butterflies in the stomach feeling…

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Who is DrQ?

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Dr Laura Quinton, (AKA Dr Q), is a London based doctor with a career long interest in complementary medicine. She believes in a holistic and natural approach to treating patients. At present she is working to become a certified Nutritional…

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