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Food and Hay Fever

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If you suffer from hay fever, you have my particular sympathy. I have had it since childhood. It’s been a lot better in recent year but this Spring it seems to have escalated. The rates of allergies and hay fever…

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Natural Antidotes to Tame Festive Over Indulgence

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The season of goodwill is upon us –with plenty of rich food, alcoholic drinks and late nights. I’ve been in the surgery this week and many patients, with a wink of the eye, are asking me to defer their routine…

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Eat Your Greens

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I bought this amazing fresh cavolo nero today and it got me thinking about the benefits of winter greens now that the nights and darkness are drawing in. Cavolo nero is also known as black kale. An Italian dark cabbage…

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M is For Movember

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November or Movember has become Men’s Health Month. It was started off by a couple of  friends in Australia but now it has become a worldwide phenomenon. A lot of men in Britain take on the challenge to grow a…

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In Season

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Thyme I went to a lecture yesterday given by a medical herbalist. It was so interesting to have a chat about the humble herbs that can be grown in the garden. Some of them have medicinal properties. With the development…

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Autumn Vitamin D Testing

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As the nights start drawing in I just want to spare l little thought for vitamin D. Most people have heard of Vitamin D now and are becoming more aware of the importance of keeping levels of vitamin D up.…

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This is a good time to start preparing yourself, taking stock of your health and looking after yourself and those that you love. Dim the lights, light some candles and get back into walking and moving I’ve come back from…

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Who is DrQ?

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Dr Laura Quinton, (AKA Dr Q), is a London based doctor with a career long interest in complementary medicine. She believes in a holistic and natural approach to treating patients. At present she is working to become a certified Nutritional…

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