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I’m back! After a few hectic weeks finishing off at college, doing my final exam and handing in my portfolio. I have been asked a lot about natural remedies for skin problems, particularly acne. Acne is a common teenage problem,…

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Q and A

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I have been getting asked questions on medicine and nutrition and I love it when people get in touch. Here is a Q&A I have worked on this week. Please feel free to get in touch with more. I am…

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True Holistic Medicine

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I was trained in the art of traditional medicine. Five years at medical school. I was trained to make a diagnosis by taking a patient’s clinical history and by examining them. I was trained to request diagnostic tests and interpret…

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Calcium and Dairy Free Children

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A few people have been asking me about Calcium. How to ensure good levels of intake when dairy is being excluded from the diet in children. Calcium is really important in the body. It is required to build strong bones…

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Out To Lunch

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On an ideal day I would prefer to take my own lunch to work such as a soup or a salad. It’s easier, cheaper and I usually try and make it healthy and balanced to get me through my working…

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Talking Women’s Health

900 600 Dr Q

I’m excited to be joining Dr Marilyn Glenville at the Mind Body Spirit Festival this Bank Holiday at Olympia. She’s giving a talk on women’s hormone balancing and I’ll be listening and checking out what else is going on up…

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Eggs and Health

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It’s Easter so that got me thinking about eggs. Not chocolate ones but chicken ones. The fashion for eggs comes and goes and right now they seem popular again, with the exceptions of the lovely vegans and people who are…

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Such an important mineral but not everyone knows about its use in the body. It’s important for our immunity to help us combat disease, and it’s vital for the expression of genes. We also need it for our nervous system…

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Dr Q Tries DNA Testing

1600 1068 Dr Q

In the new year I signed up for the DNA fit academy. That would mean 10 days spent with webinars and reading up on the science behind testing for SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) in genes. At the same time I…

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Food and Hay Fever

1024 768 Dr Q

If you suffer from hay fever, you have my particular sympathy. I have had it since childhood. It’s been a lot better in recent year but this Spring it seems to have escalated. The rates of allergies and hay fever…

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You Are What You Drink

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I’ve been asking more patients about their drinking habits and I don’t just mean alcohol. When I investigate a patient’s problem I’ll start with a clinical history. I’ll look for triggers and drivers in a person’s life, which might be…

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Medical Student Nutrition

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I’ve been asking my medical students how much teaching they get in nutrition and lifestyle advice at medical school. I wondered if things have moved on since my days at UCL where these topics did not feature much in any…

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