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Talks With Dr Q

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This is part one in my series of Q&A sessions. I am talking to health practitioners who are passionate about healthy living and who appreciate the balance between traditional and complementary medical approaches to health. So today, I have had…

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Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure is one of the most important preventable causes of heart disease and stroke in the UK. If you are over 40, or have a family history of high blood pressure, stroke or heart disease you should consider…

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Food Robots

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Are we food robots? No. What is one (wo)man’s meat can be another man’s poison. We have differences in our genes, which have a profound effect on the way diet influences our individual bodies. Genes have on-off switches too, so…

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An Interview with Dr Q

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Earlier this month Dr Q sat down with Less Stress London and explained how a naturopathic approach can help people and how it differs from traditional medicine. London Stress Less: What are the principles behind naturopathic health. DrQ: A naturopathic…

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Is Eating Coconut Oil Good For You

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Coconut oil is not new, but it’s certainly become more popular. Many of my patients are asking me about it. It gets a lot of celebrity endorsement and is used in a lot of so called healthy recipes and blogs.…

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British tourists have been warned to take care if travelling to Europe this week where a heatwave, nicknamed Lucifer, has taken hold. This comes a few weeks after we experienced soaring temperatures across the UK. Everyone is going on holiday…

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An Integrated Approach to Childhood Eczema

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I struggled with my first baby who had terrible eczema. Unfortunately, back in 1998, I had not studied nutrition and functional medicine. If I knew then what I know now, I would have made some changes to my own diet…

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I’m back! After a few hectic weeks finishing off at college, doing my final exam and handing in my portfolio. I have been asked a lot about natural remedies for skin problems, particularly acne. Acne is a common teenage problem,…

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Q and A

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I have been getting asked questions on medicine and nutrition and I love it when people get in touch. Here is a Q&A I have worked on this week. Please feel free to get in touch with more. I am…

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True Holistic Medicine

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I was trained in the art of traditional medicine. Five years at medical school. I was trained to make a diagnosis by taking a patient’s clinical history and by examining them. I was trained to request diagnostic tests and interpret…

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Calcium and Dairy Free Children

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A few people have been asking me about Calcium. How to ensure good levels of intake when dairy is being excluded from the diet in children. Calcium is really important in the body. It is required to build strong bones…

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Out To Lunch

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On an ideal day I would prefer to take my own lunch to work such as a soup or a salad. It’s easier, cheaper and I usually try and make it healthy and balanced to get me through my working…

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